Asian organic cosmetics brand made in Philippines (#1 Coconut cosmetics brand in Philippines)

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Provided total cross-border marketing services to Japan for the Philippines's cosmetics brand by becoming its Japan's sole agency from marketing planning, Japanese localization, EC site building, and digital PR. 

Marketing Strategy | Cocobody case study


1. Plan | Cross-border Marketing Planning to Japan

Planned total cross-border marketing to Japan including press release marketing, Japanese localization marketing, EC strategy, and digital PR (influencer marketing / SNS ad) for the botanical and natural cosmetics brand.

2. Localization | Japanese Localization

Delivered press release written in Japanese regarding starting cross-border D2C selling the cosmetics brand to Japan from Philippines and its sales campaign. Provided press release marketing including  Japanese writing, catch copy writing, its SEO strategy in Japanese.



In the result, succeeded in to be published 60+ Japanese web media including Yomiuri online, Asahi newspaper digital, with the total media value approx. 300k JPY.


3. EC | Cross-border D2C in Japan

Built up the brand's Amazon Japan EC site and the brand's official EC site with a custom domain as cross-border D2C EC sites, and 

Translated with Japanese catch copy writing for all the items of the cosmetics products on both of the EC sites.

4. Digital PR | Cross-border Digital PR (Influencer Marketing) in Japan

Had a Instagram PR (gifting campaign) in Japan for the cosmetic brand with 15 Japanese female micro - middle tier influencers (models, tv personality, tv announcer, etc.), who are strongly interesting in using the cosmetics.



In the result, built up brand awareness with total reach 350k+ and total engagements 4.5k+. In addition, done  a Twitter ad promotion with total reach 40k+.

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SEKAIE Co.,Ltd. is a Tokyo based Asian Cross - border Marketing & Overseas Sales Support company, providing cross-border marketing services, Asian Influencer PR, cross-border EC sales promotion, China digital ads (OTT / connected tv ads), and so on.


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